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Workforce Bandanas

Planet Apparel product protects employee and public health

We’re not in the clear yet. With crackpot ideas like ingesting bleach, injecting disinfectants and somehow using light internally to kill the virus floating around, you know we’re still in a lot of trouble during this coronavirus crisis.

Planet Apparel is here to help you sort through all the craziness and pandemonium to protect you and your workers with customized bandanas as they return to serving the public.

Navigating through all the right pandemic information, misinformation, and nonsense is often overwhelming and confusing for business owners and their staff. But one thing that’s constant is the need to protect your employee’s health as different parts of the country open back up.

The country’s economy has been hurt from businesses shutting down during this unprecedented time.

From coast to coast, every state has varying rates of Covid-19 cases.  As some cities see their cases and infection rates drop, some states and city officials are relaxing “shelter in place” restrictions. While each state is different, they all share the same idea to protect essential workers as well as other employees emerging from quarantine as part of the reopening of businesses and their local economy.

As businesses cautiously open back up, it is important for any shop or restaurant to have the right protection.

Planet Apparel offers work bandanas to protect your workforce and adhere to whatever guidelines set in place.

  • Essential workers need this essential protection
  • Planet Apparel’s quality custom bandanas help reduce the spread of coronavirus
  • They tell your story with a customized print or logo.
  • Gives your customers piece of mind even when they can’t see workers full facial expression
  • Our bandanas are machine washable and reusable
  • They are easy to use

These workforce bandanas are a good investment since it is still not clear how long the pandemic will last or if there will be a second wave of infections in the fall.

It’s important to listen to medical and scientific officials and not ridiculous information. As the pandemic unfolds the CDC has given the best available information to the public in protecting themselves. The CDC issued new guidelines to offer updated guidance as information about Covid-19 changes.

While medical PPE is still scarce, the CDC recommends that cloth face masks like bandanas should be used in order to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Face masks and cloth coverings are important if someone knows they have coronavirus symptoms. 25-50% of those that are infected with coronavirus asymptomatically spread the disease. These “silent spreaders” have made it necessary to wear cloth masks to prevent transmission.

As outlined by the CDC, there are three main points to remember during the easing of restrictions:

  • Face masks are not a substitute social distancing
  • Good hand-washing hygiene is vital and still needed
  • N95 and other medical masks are needed for medical and healthcare workers only

Planet Apparel’s custom printed bandanas come in uniform customized styles, and are also available blank in plain colors.

It’s important to listen to the experts from the CDC and local health institutions to protect your yourself and those that work for you.

Don’t drink the kool-aid or the bleach.  Use common sense to make sure we all get through this pandemic safely and sanely together.

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Workforce Bandanas