No matter where you fall on the political spectrum it’s imperative to vote in the 2020 election.

Planet Apparel is proud to be a part of this moment in history as our collaboration with famous artist and designer Shepard Fairey is featured on the upcoming issue of Time Magazine.

The cover art image includes a custom bandana designed by Fairey and we are thrilled to have provided the printing services for this bandana on the cover of the November 2nd issue.

His artwork has been showcased on two prior Time covers, but this new illustration is significant since it is the first time ever in its 100-year history that the world renown newsmagazine has replaced their title logo with the word “Vote”.

Fairey said of the image, “Even though the subject in the portrait knows there are additional challenges to democracy during a pandemic, the person is determined to use their voice and power by voting.”

Called “Our Hands – Our Future”, this exclusive bandana is part of Artists Band Together. This initiative was created as a pro-democracy movement to protect the vote and promote the fight for freedom and equal justice.

This collective movement includes Fairey as well as notable famous artists like Luchita Hurtando and Christine Sun Kim who have created artistic bandanas to get out the vote and energize people to make their voices heard.

They can be purchased exclusively on Ebay as part of Artists Band Together on their site here.

Proceeds for the sales of these bandanas help non-profit organizations like Mijente, Rise, Woke Vote that all seek social justice and equality for marginalized communities.

The Time cover is a significant moment in American history but also for pop culture. It is yet another one of Shepard Fairey’s artistic contributions to the cultural zeitgeist of the country. Shepard Fairy came out of the street artist and the skateboard scene and is the founder of immensely popular OBEY clothing line, which itself became a part of “hype culture”.

His most famous piece of pop culture art is the 2008 “Hope” poster image of Barack Obama during his campaign for the presidency, which has been emulated and copied by others many times over ever since.

The United States is at a crossroads and Planet Apparel is proud to be a part of this moment in time. We are proud of our contribution to a movement that supports equality, justice, and the mission of initiatives like Artists Band Together.

We are now a part of history with this opportunity to help create a touchstone of history.

We’ve always offered custom printed bandanas as a fashion statement, but now we’re proud to part of the creation of a political one.

Planet Apparel product protects employee and public health

We’re not in the clear yet. With crackpot ideas like ingesting bleach, injecting disinfectants and somehow using light internally to kill the virus floating around, you know we’re still in a lot of trouble during this coronavirus crisis.

Planet Apparel is here to help you sort through all the craziness and pandemonium to protect you and your workers with customized bandanas as they return to serving the public.

Navigating through all the right pandemic information, misinformation, and nonsense is often overwhelming and confusing for business owners and their staff. But one thing that’s constant is the need to protect your employee’s health as different parts of the country open back up.

The country’s economy has been hurt from businesses shutting down during this unprecedented time.

From coast to coast, every state has varying rates of Covid-19 cases. As some cities see their cases and infection rates drop, some states and city officials are relaxing “shelter in place” restrictions. While each state is different, they all share the same idea to protect essential workers as well as other employees emerging from quarantine as part of the reopening of businesses and their local economy.

As businesses cautiously open back up, it is important for any shop or restaurant to have the right protection.

Planet Apparel offers work bandanas to protect your workforce and adhere to whatever guidelines set in place.

  • Essential workers need this essential protection
  • Planet Apparel’s quality custom bandanas help reduce the spread of coronavirus
  • They tell your story with a customized print or logo.
  • Gives your customers piece of mind even when they can’t see workers full facial expression
  • Our bandanas are machine washable and reusable
  • They are easy to use

These workforce bandanas are a good investment since it is still not clear how long the pandemic will last or if there will be a second wave of infections in the fall.

It’s important to listen to medical and scientific officials and not ridiculous information. As the pandemic unfolds the CDC has given the best available information to the public in protecting themselves. The CDC issued new guidelines to offer updated guidance as information about Covid-19 changes.

While medical PPE is still scarce, the CDC recommends that cloth face masks like bandanas should be used in order to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Face masks and cloth coverings are important if someone knows they have coronavirus symptoms. 25-50% of those that are infected with coronavirus asymptomatically spread the disease. These “silent spreaders” have made it necessary to wear cloth masks to prevent transmission.

As outlined by the CDC, there are three main points to remember during the easing of restrictions:

  • Face masks are not a substitute social distancing
  • Good hand-washing hygiene is vital and still needed
  • N95 and other medical masks are needed for medical and healthcare workers only

Planet Apparel’s custom printed bandanas come in uniform customized styles, and are also available blank in plain colors.

It’s important to listen to the experts from the CDC and local health institutions to protect your yourself and those that work for you.

Don’t drink the kool-aid or the bleach. Use common sense to make sure we all get through this pandemic safely and sanely together.

This new offering can be found at the link below.

Workforce Bandanas

San Diego County officials announced Thursday that essential workers are required to wear face coverings such as face masks or bandanas beginning Saturday April 4, 2020.

Planet Apparel has readily available bandanas for local businesses. If you place an order by 11am Friday April 3, 2020 they will available for pickup between 6am-10am Saturday April 4, 2020.

Employees that work with the general public are required to have some form of cloth mask to prevent the spread of coronavirus. The face covering should not be masks needed by health care workers but rather bandanas or scarves. According to Supervisor Nathan Fletcher it is mandatory for but not limited to essential workers at grocery stores, pharmacies, and gas stations.

Businesses that are still operational must establish physical distancing and hygiene procedures and post them at store entrances by Tuesday April 7, 2020.

These new guidelines come as California Governor Gavin Newsom stated the benefits of face masks when social distancing is hampered by crowded public spaces.

The known Covid-19 cases have risen to 966 in San Diego with the death toll now standing at 16. As the coronavirus pandemic grows it is vital for our essential workers manning the frontlines to protect themselves and the public.

Planet Apparel (Mission Valley)
6308 Riverdale Street
San Diego CA 92120

On April 2, 2020, the city of San Diego announced some essential employees must wear face coverings to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Planet Apparel is here for you.

Update: 4/3/2020
While in transit to collect your order of bandanas, our supplier got overwhelmed and advised us that the orders that were promised for a delivery date of 4/4/2020 is going to be extended to a future date next week.

We apologize for this delay. Much like the unusual and unexpected timeline the pandemic had laid for us, we had no forewarning of this delay.


We ask that you allow Planet Apparel a little leeway so that we may work with our production to ensure your order is complete.

We anticipate an update no longer than Monday 4/6/20 by 2pm.

Order tubular or flat bandanas here:

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How we’re helping amid coronavirus pandemic

It’s scary out there right now. The outbreak of the coronavirus has the country shaken as businesses shutter, schools close, parks and beaches are closed off from the public, and people are put on lockdown.

But don’t fret.

Planet Apparel is making moves to help our community against the fear and uncertainty caused by Covid-19.

Protecting our Employees

First and foremost our company culture calls for the health and safety of our team.

We instituted “work from home” measures early on in the outbreak of coronavirus by making sure our employees had the right equipment like having dual monitors for designers to work remotely. Planet Apparel implemented these procedures with a focus on maintaining employee jobs and to ensure their safety and security.

The Medical Facemask Shortage

Like many Americans, our owners Holly and Heather Treviño saw several news reports on the shortages of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) that nurses, doctors, and first responders are facing across the country. The slow response of the federal government and the chaos of states, hospitals, and cities competing with one another on the open market for equipment has exacerbated an already alarming problem.

The dwindling supply of PPE and more specifically surgical face masks and N95 respirator masks compelled Holly and Heather to come up with a new solution to expand their clientele and offer added protection against the virus.

There are already many stories of volunteers sewing masks by hand and companies pivoting to manufacturing them to fill widening gap as quickly as possible as healthcare providers hurtle towards surge capacity.

Instead of trying to add to that supply, Holly and Heather came up the idea of prolonging the lifespan of facemasks by wearing bandanas as an extra layer of protection on top.

Local and National Outreach

Part of the challenge was finding the right people to talk to about offering their services. Holly and Heather began their canvassing efforts and reached out to officials across the United States including Boston, Dallas, Orlando, and Miami where there are upticks in Covid-19 cases.

In some instances there was pushback where some agencies did not see the need for bandanas. They would say “we need masks” and weren’t interested in entertaining the idea.

San Diego County previously reported that that they had enough masks however officials saw an effective solution and were quick to make it part of their back-up plan.

On March 19th, 2020 San Diego County made a volume order of 90,000 for about $97,000 bandanas as a contingency plan to deal with the pending threat of a facemask shortage.

Many local clinics in San Diego are having trouble procuring the necessary protective gear and as a member of community, Holly was thrilled to see that San Diego stepped up and made a bulk order.

San Diego County was proactive rather than reactive like other cities and municipalities facing a shrinking supply. In times like these, hesitation and not thinking “outside of the box” can have a cost to public health and lives.

Planet Apparel foresees additional orders from San Diego County as the pandemic grows. We’ve also started reaching out to grocery stores and other local businesses that are still operational during the quarantine to offer bandanas to workers as a form of protection.

Educating the Healthcare Community and the Public

Our goal is to educate healthcare professionals and government officials to show how our bandanas can be helpful during this pandemic in preserving mask supply.

As healthcare workers have become increasingly frustrated with the situation, the CDC recently lifted restrictions and released new guidelines. The updates allow for extended use of facemasks and limited re-use of facemasks as options. In more extreme cases the use of makeshift masks like bandanas can be used as a last resort with the additional recommendation for them to be used with a protective face shield.

Our bandanas are not a substitute for PPE but can aid in the preservation of medical facemasks by wearing them over the mask as an added barrier for healthcare professionals that have to re-use a limited supply.

We offer two types of bandanas. One is the traditional square fabric that can be tied around the face. The other is a “tubular” version that can be worn like a scarf and pulled up over the nose and mouth. Both can be used with facemasks or by itself for non-medical essential workers.

There are four main focuses for use of our bandanas:

  • As a protective measure to extend the lifespan of N95 facemasks and other masks.
  • Patient use while waiting in line at hospitals, ERs, and other medical facilities.
  • Protection for essential workers such as grocery store staff, delivery people, and postal carriers.
  • Personal protection for the public to minimize face-touching and to cover coughs and sneezes.

Depending on internal procedures, healthcare facilities can dispose of them after use or sanitize them in industrial washing machines so they can be reused along with their PPE

We recommend the polyester bandanas as a priority since they’re more tightly woven and less absorbent than the cotton ones that soak up fluids from coughs and sneezes more easily.

At Planet Apparel we posses a large network of distributors and manufacturers across the country to make orders and delivery as easy as possible for communities in need.

Hoarding of medical PPE, the exponential growth rate of Covid-19 cases, and daunting reports of expired equipment from FEMA has caused a lot of worry and fear.

We offer some hope in these trying times by doing our part to protect public and employee health, finding solutions to problems that impact our health system, and educating those who find value in our products.

Those interested in our bandanas can place orders through our Covid-19 Contingency Plan page here:

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Bandanas aren’t just for flossing while you’re at Coachella. Novel coronavirus has caused a global pandemic, but there’s no need to panic. We’ve got you covered – Literally.

The CDC recently issued new guidelines that state the use of homemade medical masks as a “last resort”. However with massive shortages of facemasks and PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) across the country they’re now becoming more of a necessity in this current public health crisis.

Here are four ways that our bandanas can help protect you, your loved ones, and the public from Covid-19:

  • Protect Your Mask – As an added barrier of protection our bandanas can extend the life of your N95 respirator mask, surgical mask, or other PPE. Prolong your facemask’s life as well as yours by maximizing the use of your mask.
  • Coronavirus Sucks and So Does Waiting in Line – Distribution at hospitals and medical facilities for patients in waiting lines. Disposable masks handed out to patients in line for testing or other healthcare needs are becoming scarce and “social distancing” is tough in crowded spaces. Protect your health as well as others with a bandana.
  • Essential for Essential Workers – Protection for workers like grocery store clerks, food delivery workers, and postal carriers. Not all companies have come up with safety measures for their employees so this is a good option. Those on the frontlines need some form of security while they keep our food supply chain going and keep our nation fed.
  • Stop Touching Your Face – Let’s face it. We’re our own worst enemy when it comes to this. Our bandanas offer personal protection and lessen touching yourself so much. It also gives you something to sneeze and cough into because no one really remembers to use your elbow.

Our bandanas come in two styles:

  • Square Bandanas – These can be folded into a triangle, tied securely behind the head over an N95 facemask or other medical masks OR used by itself.
  • Seamless Tubular Bandanas – Totally “tubular” versions that can be worn like a necklace and slipped up over your nose and mouth OR over a medical facemask.

Both of these options can be folded twice optimizing protection with an added doubled layer. They come in both cotton and polyester, but the polyester ones are highly recommended. They have a tighter weave and are less absorbent serving as better protection against icky bodily fluids expelled in the air.

Our bandanas come in blank white, but that’s boring so we also offer them in vibrant colors like royal blue, dark green, navy, turquoise and sky blue. You can still look fashionable in a pandemic.

These bandanas are available for one time use or can be re-used after proper sanitization.

So if you’re out shopping for groceries, battling hordes for the last roll of toilet paper, or simply waiting in your car at a drive-thru for some tacos to stress eat, give yourself peace of mind by wearing a bandana. It’s better to have some of kind protection than none at all.

And if someone stops you (from 6 feet away of course) and asks you “Where did you get that bandana?”, you can tell them you got it at Planet Apparel.

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When creating your own bandana, understanding the options available for custom bandana prints are essential. How are custom bandanas printed? This is one of the most popular questions we get from our personalized bandana customers and it makes sense when you are thinking about ordering premium cotton custom printed bandanas. There is no cut & dry answer, but we have some tips to determine what options will work best when creating your own bandanas.

For many years we only offered 100% cotton screen printed bandanas as a printing method. Now we have evolved into bandana experts, there are 3 printing methods to achieve a custom bandana print.


100% Cotton 22 Inch Custom Screen Printed Bandanas

This option is still by far the most popular way to produce bandanas and is also how bandana prints have been printed for over 100 years. What is ideal about screen printed bandanas is the vibrant colors that can be achieved and ability to produce a high volume bandana order. We love to impress customers with our Advanced Application Technology that allows us to produce all over printed bandana prints including edge to edge bandana prints.

When printing custom bandanas, there are two types of inks: plastisol inks and water-based inks. Both ink options work well in different ways to produce a great custom bandana. If you are looking for an eco-friendly printed bandana, water-based inks are the way to go. This is also known as discharge bandana printing. These inks have low toxicity and create a great soft touch bandana print. Plastisol inks make the design come alive with the pop of color, ideal for a high quality bandana print. Screen printed bandanas are the way to go when looking for that traditional timeless bandana.

A custom bandana with a standard imprint and a full color design using a screen print method

100% Dye Sublimated Bandana Prints

Custom sublimated bandanas are a great alternative to screen printed bandanas. With dye sublimation, a full color print is more achievable with limitless amount of colors that it allows for. Inkjset printers are the closest print method to sublimation printed bandanas. The most commonly printed bandanas using dye sublimation print methods and Both the custom designed scarf bandanas and custom handkerchiefs . 100% polyester bandanas are essential to this print style as sublimation only works on polyester. The best thing is that since the bandana is so soft, you can’t feel the ink. This is ideal for high end retail bandanas. All in all, the custom dye sublimated bandanas are a great choice.

A custom bandana with a off the edge imprint and a full color design using a sublimation method

Premium Cotton Digital Bandana Prints

These digitally printed bandanas are truly revolutionary in the wholesale bandana world. We print directly to cotton bandanas and there are no limits to the number of colors that can be printed to create your

Custom bandana. This means that the possibilities are endless when you want a full color print that exceeds the limitations of screen printed bandanas. With digitally printed bandanas, we create an off the edge designed bandana making it a full bleed bandana print. We start off with white 100% premium cotton bandanas and print directly on one side, very similar to an inkjet printer printing on a white piece of paper. Digital bandanas are the waive of the future and we are proud to have added it to our custom bandana options.

There are many ways to answer the question, “How are bandanas printed?”. Lucky we are the bandana experts who can help guide you on your journey to ordering custom designed bandanas. The possibilities are endless when it comes to custom bandanas an

d that is what makes it so fun. Call us today for any and everything bandanas!

A custom bandana with a standard imprint and a full color design using a digital method

Finding a product to promote your brand brings a slew of new items to think about, and one of the most intriguing may be Custom Bandanas. Figuring out how to maximize your brand exposure, what kind of design to develop, and figuring out what kind of printing method will work best for your art can be daunting. To help you wade easily into the waters, here are two essential things you need to know about Custom Bandana Printing.


1. Screen Printing vs. Dye-Sublimation

Bandana printing is divided into 2 major printing methods.

Screen Printing is a method of printing by forcing ink through a stencil which is chemically applied to a tight mesh screen. This method requires a screen for each individual color in your design. Screen Printing is great for designs that are relatively low in color count and cost conscious customers. Cotton bandanas work best for this printing method.




Dye-Sublimation (without getting too technical) is a method of printing where the design is printed directly onto a special paper which is then applied to the bandana and exposed to high heat in order to transfer the dye into the bandana fabric. This method is great for designs that have a lot of color and photo quality elements. The draw back with Dye-Sublimation is that it is not possible to sublimate onto cotton bandanas, this method only works on polyester bandanas.




2. High Color Custom Bandanas Come with a Cost

When screen printing, you must be conscious of set up fees. For each individual color in your artwork, there is a screen made especially for that color. With each screen comes a $45 set up (Unless your order quantity is over 500 units.) Also, with each color in your design your price per piece goes up. Don’t worry, there is an alternative! If your design has a lot of colors or has photo-realistic elements to it, you might want to consider dye-sublimation printing.

You are now ready to place a custom bandana order! Click here to start your order!

trending promotional item for the past 30+ years

Custom Printed Hipster Trucker HatsYou could say that custom trucker hats are a new and modern promotional give away, but really this casual promotional headwear item stems back from the 70’s. Originally referred to as feed caps or gimme caps, farming supply companies printed their corporate logo on low cost mesh back caps. Truck drivers would be given these hats as freebies while delivering supplies, purchasing supplies or just stopping by 7Elevens. The Trucker caps were worn by most drivers due to their one-size fits all adjustable snap closure, breathable nylon mesh back, sweatband and printed foam front. The name Trucker Hat was a huge success because the marketing strategy of the supply companies attracted the right customer to advertise their business logo and found a niche market that years later would become a fashion phenomenon.

Fast-forward to the year 2000 when key celebrities sported custom designed hats as a stylish throwback that made Trucker Hats cool to the masses. This opened up the opportunity for unique branded headwear to make a splash in the promotional merchandise market. Not only did the hip casual customizable hat look good on everyone, it came at a low cost. To this day, worldwide companies, like John Deere, will choose to print thousands of hats over t-shirt because the cost is significantly less.

Now what actually makes a Trucker Hat the fashion weapon that it is? First and foremost it is an affordable product that can be utilizes to advertise a business! Besides being a cheap promotional product, there are a couple ways that set it apart:

  • A customizable trucker hat is traditionally 2 toned, 5 panel mesh hat. Four of the five panels are nylon mesh and match the bill color of the hat. The last panel is usually a white foam material that is big and tall. Why is big and tall important… there is sufficient space for a bright logo imprint!
  • Baseball caps traditionally are embroidered, but Trucker Hats are either screen-printed or has a sew-on patch. Printing allows the cost to stay affordable.
  • These hats come in a variety of colors allowing more design options. From hot pink to camouflage there is something for everyone
  • Its popular fashion statement allows you to advertise a business, captures an audience that will sport your promotional head apparel, and be that free gift that a potential customer appeals to.

If you work, own or market for a business, you’ll need to know the following:

Tradeshow promotional products – the Trucker Hat is the best advertising giveaway product on the market! Promotional Trucker Hats are worn and not compartmentalized in a house, stuffed in a drawer or thrown in a trash. If you think about it, someone is more likely to donate the hat to the local thrift store and it will continue to be circulated. Including Trucker Hats as a part of your business promotional campaign is a budget conscious merchandise option. Because a trade show’s success or failure hinges on getting the right people to stop, Trucker Hats will be the tradeshow giveaway that potential customers will want!

trucker-hat-exampleUniform Hat – Over the years many businesses have had to watch every dime they spend on uniforms. From getting damaged to fading, uniform apparel needs to be replaced a couple times a year. Trucker Hats are far better than the baseball caps options. Traditionally baseball caps are embroidered, come in size S-XL forcing companies to keep a big stock, and can cause the head to sweat. Major companies have switched to the Trucker Hat Uniform and wouldn’t ever go back! Not only does your printed logo pop on the white background, the employees also enjoy the comfort fit and feel of the Trucker Hats. Budget friendly, durable, unique branding, and stylish…

Alternative ventures with Trucker Hats– these stylish caps are versatile to no end. Therefor they aren’t only for a business market, they are for anyone and everyone!

  • Bachelor Trucker Hats & Bachelorette Trucker Hats – a memento to save for a lifetime
  • Free gift- birthday parting gift, annual BBQ gift, etc.
  • Family Reunion Item- assortment of colors for extended family distinction
  • 5k team, half marathon team, tough mudder team hat, etc.- blocks the sun, breathable mesh, light weight, and super cool
  • Golf Tournament Hat – better cost than a fancy polo and protects the head
  • Sports Team Uniform Hat – print your team logo on a hat
  • Landscape Company Hat – outfit all the workers to promote branding
  • Construction Company Hat – outfit all the workers to promote branding; breathable hat
  • Promotional Concert Product – band members and managers this is a must-have item

Trucker Hats are that long lasting promotional product that will continue to be valuable to all businesses, event committees, sports teams, celebrations, fashion statements, tradeshows, work wear uniforms, and more.

Call Planet Apparel today, as we know how to make this promotional item a huge hit!

Planet Apparel now offers Cross-Fit & Yoga custom printed and embroidered apparel needs. Click here to view more products and submit a quote.