Hanes Color Matching

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Hanes Printables has researched the best colors to coincide with Hanes fabric colors. If you are looking for the best ink colors to use on Hanes, then view the chart listed below.

  • When printing in 4-color process, use the Build-To-Match (BTM) formula. This industry formula is the closest parallel a printer can make to the actual fabric swatch. Refer to your swatches for an exact color match. Note that C = Cyan, M = Magenta, Y = Yellow and K = Black.
  • When using spot color, refer to the Pantone Matching System (PMS). The PMS number listed in the right columns correlate to a color that is the closest representation a printer can make to the actual fabric swatch.
  • Colors may vary depending on paper stock and type of printing.
ColorsHanes Garment Color (Code)BTM FormulaPMS Color
Natural (NT)C1 M3 Y8 K0468
White (WH)C0 M0 Y0 K0None
Light Heathers
Ash (AS)Strip in filmNone
Light Steel(LW)Strip in filmNone
Aloe (AL)C5 M0 Y25 K305773
Apricot (AC)C0 M50 Y40 K0170
Aqua (AQ)C35 M0 Y10 K0304
Aquamarine (AM)C60 M0 Y20 K305473
Aquatic Blue (AB)C60 M5 Y5 K02915
Black (BK)C38 M28 Y30 K100Black 6
Blue Dust (BD)C40 M25 Y0 K405275
Bluestone (US)C100 M75 Y30 K5647
Brick (BR)C25 M100 Y70 K15194
Camel (CM)C10 M20 Y45 K57503
Canary (CA)C0 M10 Y55 K0128
Cardinal (CD)C40 M100 Y60 K20209
Chamois (CS)C0 M10 Y30 K0155
Charcoal Heather (HL)Strip in filmNone
Copper (CP)C0 M75 Y75 K20174
Daffodil Yellow (DY)C0 M8 Y50 K01215
Deep Forest (FO)C65 M0 Y35 K805535
Deep Navy (NA)C100 M80 Y0 K857547
Deep Red (RE)C5 M100 Y60 K15207
Deep Royal (RO)C100 M70 Y0 K152746
Denim Blue (DM)C80 M50 Y15 K0646
Eggplant (ET)C85 M85 Y55 K07448
Forest Green (FG)C100 M45 Y70 K40554
Gold (GO)C0 M34 Y100 K0137
Gold Nugget (GN)C5 M20 Y65 K07403
Graphite (BQ)C0 M0 Y0 K55424
Heathered Sand (HD)Strip in filmNone
Ice Gray (IY)C0 M0 Y0 K18Cool Gray 6
Kelly Green (KG)C100 M0 Y84 K14340
Lavender (LV)C30 M30 Y0 K02635
Light Blue (LB)C35 M7 Y0 K02717
Lime (LI)C30 M0 Y60 K0367
Maroon (MR)C15 M80 Y25 K60505
Menthol (MT)C50 M0 Y25 K03258
Moss (MS)C8 M0 Y38 K335777
Navy (NY)C100 M72 Y0 K65289
Orange (ON)C0 M72 Y87 K0172
Orange Sherbet (OS)C0 M55 Y95 K0151
Pale Pink (PI)C0 M10 Y0 K0670
Pebble (UG)C11 M23 Y43 K15465
Pine (IE)C40 M20 Y60 K405615
Pink (PS)C0 M63 Y0 K0211
Pink Lemonade(PD)C0 M15 Y12 K0698
Plum (PM)C80 M70 Y30 K0533
Purple (PR)C93 M96 Y0 K02685
Red (RR)C10 M100 Y80 K0186
Royal Blue (RB)C100 M60 Y0 K0660
Rust (RU)C0 M60 Y55 K0159
Sand (BM)C5 M6 Y12 K12Warm Gray 3
Sky (SI)C25 M0 Y0 K4290
Stonewashed Blue (WU)C50 M25 Y18 K05425
Stonewashed Green (WE)C26 M13 Y23 K135497
Storm Blue (SR)C70 M40 Y0 K15653
Taupe (TP)C50 M50 Y60 K0Warm Gray 10
Teal (TE)C100 M0 Y4 K18307
Wisteria (WI)C35 M20 Y5 K02716
Yellow (YE)C0 M0 Y52 K0106