Listed below are some suggested color combinations that look great together. Whether you are choosing screenprinting or embroidery to convey the look you want, these color schemes have been tried and proven true by Hanes.

If you are unsure of what might look good for your upcoming venture, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help.

Ink/Thread Color

Hanes Garment Color (Code) Thread & Ink Color Suggestions
Neutral Colors
Natural (NT) Denim Blue, Pine, Pebble
White (WH) Plum, Brick, Graphite
Light Heathers
Ash (AS) Deep Navy, Brick, Blue Dust
Light Steel (LW) Blue Dust, Rust, Gold Nugget
Aloe (AL) Sand, Gold Nugget, Rust
Apricot (AC) Wisteria, Storm Blue, Sand
Aqua (AQ) Daffodil Yellow, Wisteria, Sand
Aquamarine (AM) Rust, Gold Nugget, Eggplant
Aquatic Blue (AB) Lime, Yellow, Orange Sherbet
Black (BK) Graphite, Maroon, White
Blue Dust (BD) Brick, Taupe, Gold Nugget
Bluestone (US) Gold Nugget, Black, Brick
Brick (BR) White, Ash, Navy
Camel (CM) Pine, Plum, Brick
Canary (CA) Aqua, Moss, Blue Dust
Cardinal (CD) Navy, Graphite, Black
Chamois (CS) Natural, Aloe, Rust
Charcoal Heather (HL) White, Brick, Bluestone
Copper (CP) Gold Nugget, Eggplant, Aquamarine
Daffodil Yellow (DY) Graphite, Wisteria, Aqua
Deep Forest (FO) Deep Navy, Maroon, Copper
Deep Navy (NA) Brick, Copper, Deep Forest
Deep Royal (RO) Kelly Green, Orange, Gold
Denim Blue (DM) Graphite, Rust, Camel
Eggplant (ET) Rust, Moss, Chamois
Forest Green (FG) Navy, Cardinal, Sand
Gold (GO) Forest Green, Black, Bluestone
Gold Nugget (GN) Eggplant, Aquamarine, Rust
Graphite (BQ or GP) Bluestone, Chamois, Copper
Heathered Blue (HB) Sand, Graphite, Taupe
Heathered Pebble (HP) Pine, Natural, Denim Blue
Heathered Sand (HD) Storm Blue, Eggplant, Rust
Ice Gray (IY) Chamois, Pale Pink, Wisteria
Kelly Green (KG) Sangria, Navy, Gold
Lavender (LV) Daffodil Yellow, Apricot, Aqua
Light Blue (LB) Graphite, Navy, Daffodil Yellow
Lime (LI) Aquatic Blue, White, Orange Sherbet
Maroon (MR) Graphite, Deep Navy, Taupe
Menthol (MT) Pink, Canary, Apricot
Moss (MS) Rust, Storm Blue, Chamois
Navy (NY) Brick, Taupe, Pine
Orange (ON) Purple, Gold, Teal
Orange Sherbet(OS) Aquatic Blue, Sangria, White
Pale Pink (PI) Pink, Graphite, Wisteria
Pebble (UG) Denim Blue, Pine, Graphite
Pine (IE) Navy, Pebble, Natural
Pink (PS) Canary, Aqua, Storm Blue
Plum (PM) Taupe, Gold Nugget, Copper
Purple (PR) Teal, Orange Sherbet, Sangria
Red (RR) Black, Graphite, Royal Blue
Royal Blue (RB) Red, Kelly Green, Gold
Rust (RU) Eggplant, Camel, Storm Blue
Sand (BM) Rust, Taupe, Pine
Sangria (NS) Purple, Aquatic Blue, Orange Sherbet
Stonewashed Blue (WU) Sand, Camel, Aloe
Stonewashed Green (WE) Natural, Pebble, Pine
Storm Blue (SR) Brick, Taupe, Gold Nugget
Taupe (TP) Deep Forest, Bluestone, Copper
Teal (TE) Gold, Orange, Purple
Wisteria (WI) White, Sand, Daffodil Yellow
Yellow (YE) Aquatic Blue, Pink, Menthol