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Puff Heat Transfers

Puff heat transfers rise to every occasion. They are a type of “iron-on” transfer that creates a raised, 3D effect on your garment. They’re a great way to add some personality to your clothes without breaking the bank, and they’re super easy to apply! They say, the higher the puff, the higher the profit.

Our puff heat transfers now have 16 colors to choose from! And if you decide to take it a step further with a two dimensional puff, we have 13 flat colors to choose from to layer your puff with.

The coolest thing about puff heat transfers is the raised effect they create. This means that your design will stand out from the rest of the fabric, creating a unique and eye-catching look. These work great for bold graphics that don’t have a lot of detail.

Overall, puff heat transfers are a great way to personalize your garments, they’re of the most affordable specialty options, and create a cool 3D effect that’s sure to turn heads.