How are custom bandanas made?

When creating your own bandana, understanding the options available for custom bandana prints are essential. How are custom bandanas printed? This is one of the most popular questions we get from our personalized bandana customers and it makes sense when you are thinking about ordering premium cotton custom printed bandanas. There is no cut & dry answer, but we have some tips to determine what options will work best when creating your own bandanas.

For many years we only offered 100% cotton screen printed bandanas as a printing method. Now we have evolved into bandana experts, there are 3 printing methods to achieve a custom bandana print.

How are bandanas printed?

Bandana printing is divided into 2 major printing methods. Screen Printing is a method of printing by forcing ink through a stencil which is chemically applied to a tight mesh screen. This method requires a screen for each individual color in your design.