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Trucker hats…

trending promotional item for the past 30+ years

Custom Printed Hipster Trucker HatsYou could say that custom trucker hats are a new and modern promotional give away, but really this casual promotional headwear item stems back from the 70’s. Originally referred to as feed caps or gimme caps, farming supply companies printed their corporate logo on low cost mesh back caps. Truck drivers would be given these hats as freebies while delivering supplies, purchasing supplies or just stopping by 7Elevens. The Trucker caps were worn by most drivers due to their one-size fits all adjustable snap closure, breathable nylon mesh back, sweatband and printed foam front. The name Trucker Hat was a huge success because the marketing strategy of the supply companies attracted the right customer to advertise their business logo and found a niche market that years later would become a fashion phenomenon.

Fast-forward to the year 2000 when key celebrities sported custom designed hats as a stylish throwback that made Trucker Hats cool to the masses. This opened up the opportunity for unique branded headwear to make a splash in the promotional merchandise market. Not only did the hip casual customizable hat look good on everyone, it came at a low cost. To this day, worldwide companies, like John Deere, will choose to print thousands of hats over t-shirt because the cost is significantly less.

Now what actually makes a Trucker Hat the fashion weapon that it is? First and foremost it is an affordable product that can be utilizes to advertise a business! Besides being a cheap promotional product, there are a couple ways that set it apart:

  • A customizable trucker hat is traditionally 2 toned, 5 panel mesh hat. Four of the five panels are nylon mesh and match the bill color of the hat. The last panel is usually a white foam material that is big and tall. Why is big and tall important… there is sufficient space for a bright logo imprint!
  • Baseball caps traditionally are embroidered, but Trucker Hats are either screen-printed or has a sew-on patch. Printing allows the cost to stay affordable.
  • These hats come in a variety of colors allowing more design options. From hot pink to camouflage there is something for everyone
  • Its popular fashion statement allows you to advertise a business, captures an audience that will sport your promotional head apparel, and be that free gift that a potential customer appeals to.

If you work, own or market for a business, you’ll need to know the following:

Tradeshow promotional products – the Trucker Hat is the best advertising giveaway product on the market! Promotional Trucker Hats are worn and not compartmentalized in a house, stuffed in a drawer or thrown in a trash. If you think about it, someone is more likely to donate the hat to the local thrift store and it will continue to be circulated. Including Trucker Hats as a part of your business promotional campaign is a budget conscious merchandise option. Because a trade show’s success or failure hinges on getting the right people to stop, Trucker Hats will be the tradeshow giveaway that potential customers will want!

trucker-hat-exampleUniform Hat – Over the years many businesses have had to watch every dime they spend on uniforms. From getting damaged to fading, uniform apparel needs to be replaced a couple times a year. Trucker Hats are far better than the baseball caps options. Traditionally baseball caps are embroidered, come in size S-XL forcing companies to keep a big stock, and can cause the head to sweat. Major companies have switched to the Trucker Hat Uniform and wouldn’t ever go back! Not only does your printed logo pop on the white background, the employees also enjoy the comfort fit and feel of the Trucker Hats. Budget friendly, durable, unique branding, and stylish…

Alternative ventures with Trucker Hats– these stylish caps are versatile to no end. Therefor they aren’t only for a business market, they are for anyone and everyone!

  • Bachelor Trucker Hats & Bachelorette Trucker Hats – a memento to save for a lifetime
  • Free gift- birthday parting gift, annual BBQ gift, etc.
  • Family Reunion Item- assortment of colors for extended family distinction
  • 5k team, half marathon team, tough mudder team hat, etc.- blocks the sun, breathable mesh, light weight, and super cool
  • Golf Tournament Hat – better cost than a fancy polo and protects the head
  • Sports Team Uniform Hat – print your team logo on a hat
  • Landscape Company Hat – outfit all the workers to promote branding
  • Construction Company Hat – outfit all the workers to promote branding; breathable hat
  • Promotional Concert Product – band members and managers this is a must-have item

Trucker Hats are that long lasting promotional product that will continue to be valuable to all businesses, event committees, sports teams, celebrations, fashion statements, tradeshows, work wear uniforms, and more.

Call Planet Apparel today, as we know how to make this promotional item a huge hit!