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Bandanas Not Just for Fashion Anymore

Bandanas aren’t just for flossing while you’re at Coachella.  Novel coronavirus has caused a global pandemic, but there’s no need to panic. We’ve got you covered – Literally.

The CDC recently issued new guidelines that state the use of homemade medical masks as a “last resort”.  However with massive shortages of facemasks and PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) across the country they’re now becoming more of a necessity in this current public health crisis.

Here are four ways that our bandanas can help protect you, your loved ones, and the public from Covid-19:

  • Protect Your Mask – As an added barrier of protection our bandanas can extend the life of your N95 respirator mask, surgical mask, or other PPE. Prolong your facemask’s life as well as yours by maximizing the use of your mask.
  • Coronavirus Sucks and So Does Waiting in Line – Distribution at hospitals and medical facilities for patients in waiting lines. Disposable masks handed out to patients in line for testing or other healthcare needs are becoming scarce and  “social distancing” is tough in crowded spaces. Protect your health as well as others with a bandana.
  • Essential for Essential Workers – Protection for workers like grocery store clerks, food delivery workers, and postal carriers. Not all companies have come up with safety measures for their employees so this is a good option.  Those on the frontlines need some form of security while they keep our food supply chain going and keep our nation fed.
  • Stop Touching Your Face – Let’s face it. We’re our own worst enemy when it comes to this.  Our bandanas offer personal protection and lessen touching yourself so much.  It also gives you something to sneeze and cough into because no one really remembers to use your elbow.

Our bandanas come in two styles:

  • Square Bandanas – These can be folded into a triangle, tied securely behind the head over an N95 facemask or other medical masks OR used by itself.
  • Seamless Tubular Bandanas – Totally “tubular” versions that can be worn like a necklace and slipped up over your nose and mouth OR over a medical facemask.

Both of these options can be folded twice optimizing protection with an added doubled layer.  They come in both cotton and polyester, but the polyester ones are highly recommended.  They have a tighter weave and are less absorbent serving as better protection against icky bodily fluids expelled in the air.

Our bandanas come in blank white, but that’s boring so we also offer them in vibrant colors like royal blue, dark green, navy, turquoise and sky blue.  You can still look fashionable in a pandemic.

These bandanas are available for one time use or can be re-used after proper sanitization.

So if you’re out shopping for groceries, battling hordes for the last roll of toilet paper, or simply waiting in  your car at  a drive-thru for some tacos to stress eat, give yourself peace of mind by wearing a bandana.  It’s better to have some of kind protection than none at all.

And if someone stops you (from 6 feet away of course) and asks you “Where did you get that bandana?”, you can tell them you got it at Planet Apparel.

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