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Score Big with Planet Apparel This Padres Season!

Popular clear bag

Hey San Diego! Summer’s heating up, Score Big with Planet Apparel This Padres Season!

We’re shook (that’s millennial for excited) about the upcoming games and the chance to see some amazing baseball.

Here’s the perfect pitch *winky face*: with the season opener right around the corner, what better way to celebrate than with some limited edition swag? Imagine this for YOUR BUSINESS: “First 500 fans get a FREE custom bandana with their order!” We can even design it with a killer Padres theme? Just a thought.

But that’s not all! We’ve got our finger on the pulse of all things trendy (thanks, Gen Z!), and here are some collab ideas we think would be a game changer:

  • Clear Stadium Bags: These transparent totes are not only on fleek (another fun way to say trendy), but also a must-have for any Padres fan heading to Petco Park. They’d be a perfect option for a San Diego company to sell.

  • Double-Walled Glasses: Ditch the condensation with these epic double-walled glasses! Perfect for keeping your iced beverage frosty (and your hands dry) or enjoying a hot chocolate during those chilly night games on the TV. Plus, they come with handles for easy carrying if you wish!
  • Crossbody Bags: Channel your inner Lululemon with these trendy crossbody bags! Rock the classic Padres logo or get creative with a mini version of YOUR LOGO tucked into the corner.
  • Tie-Dye Everything: Who says tie-dye ever went out of style? This season, it’s all about bleach dye, a cooler, edgier version of the classic look.Picture this: soft, comfy tees with a killer 1-2 color print – guaranteed to fly off the shelves!


We’re so hyped about the upcoming season and the chance to see some amazing baseball! Let’s chat and brainstorm some epic merch to celebrate the new season and cheer on our beloved Padres! Feel free to shoot us a line – we’re practically neighbors, after all!


Score Big with Planet Apparel This Padres Season!