Custom Bandanas, Custom Apparel and Promotional Products Portland, OR


Embrace Portland’s unique blend of outdoor vitality and eclectic fashion with Planet Apparel’s custom bandanas. In a city known for its love of nature and individualistic style, our bandanas are the perfect accessory, whether you’re cycling through the city streets, enjoying a hike in the lush forests, or expressing your personal style at a local art event.

Why Choose Our Bandanas for Portland

Designed for the adventurous and stylish spirits of Portland, our bandanas are as versatile as they are fashionable. They serve as a practical accessory for outdoor enthusiasts and a trendy addition for those who embrace Portland’s distinctive fashion scene.

  • Outdoor Adventures: Ideal for hiking, cycling, and other outdoor activities, providing protection and style.
  • Fashion and Subculture Trends: A fashion statement that aligns with Portland’s unique, eclectic style, perfect for the city’s diverse music and arts scene.

Sustainable, Organic, and Eco-Friendly Products

In line with Portland’s environmental consciousness, Planet Apparel offers a range of sustainable, organic, and eco-friendly custom bandanas and apparel. Our commitment to eco-friendly practices resonates with Portland’s ethos, providing products that are not only stylish but also responsible.

Most Popular Custom Bandana for Portland’s Businesses

The 22″ x 22″ STANDARD COTTON SQUARE Bandana, especially with eco-friendly and artistic designs, has found a special place in Portland. This bandana not only reflects the city’s environmental consciousness but also its artistic flair, making it a favored choice among local businesses and communities.


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