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So, my name is Cortney, I’m the new Marketing Manager here at Planet Apparel. And although I have a degree in Visual Communications from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, I’m not sure that is what qualifies me to write the “What’s Trending Now” blog post.

Mostly I’ve just had an affinity for not just fashion but for unique or new things. I like to say I see something, fall in love, next thing you know it’s everywhere!

What are the most recent examples?

For starters ¼ zip sweatshirts. HUGE right now. Well, I bought one of every color last October. They’re so popular now that our warehouses are running low on stock. So if I were you I would get in on this NOW. For employee uniforms or gifts, for personal branding, or just for you!

Custom Molded Pins are rising! You know those ones you thought were just for belt buckles or cowboy hats? Nope. People are wanting them. They might be the new hydro flask sticker. Put these custom pins on backpacks, on hats, on purses, on kids lunch boxes, you name it. They’re good to sell or use at conferences/events for giveaways.

Another thing we cannot get away from is sustainability. We know, global warming has been talked about for tens of years now. But did you know the number one polluter in the nation, no, world, is ENERGY. You know what’s second?! TEXTILES.

No… this does not make US at Planet Apparel look bad, we’re talkin’ stores like H&M and Zara etc that are producing thousands of the same garment and relying on their forecasting being correct to sell them all but really are OVERproducing. These products end up in dumps, oceans, burned etc.

We aren’t like other producers 😜 We produce ON DEMAND! This means you order EXACTLY what you need/want and when you need/want it. If that’s not sustainable… I don’t know what is.

Have an event coming up with 24 volunteers? We can print exactly 24 volunteer shirts! Do you work for a school and did a preorder form for a sports team? We can produce exactly 81 jerseys. Embroider only 53 hats. Sublimate 300 blankets for a Christmas company gift.

You get the picture.


Do you need more? Just shoot us an email, we’ve always got our eye on the trends and upcoming and new items.