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Full dye sublimation is a printing process used to transfer designs onto fabric or other materials using heat and pressure. It involves printing the design onto special transfer paper using sublimation inks and then transferring the design onto the material. The result is a high-quality, durable, and long-lasting print that does not fade or pee. This printing technique is popular when desiring a full color design.

One of the main advantages of full dye sublimation is the ability to print all-over designs, including intricate and detailed patterns. Most of the inks used in full dye sublimation are environmentally friendly and do not contain harmful chemicals.

Another advantage of full dye sublimation is its ability to produce vibrant and bold colors that are difficult to achieve with traditional printing methods. The sublimation ink penetrates the material’s fibers, resulting in a color-rich and vibrant image. This is especially beneficial for sports teams and athletes who require their uniforms to be highly visible and attractive.

Finally, full dye sublimation is highly durable and long-lasting. The ink bonds with the material on a molecular level, resulting in a print that will not fade or peel, even after multiple washes. Full dye sublimation is an overseas printing technique that offers many benefits over traditional printing methods.