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2 Things You Need to Know About Bandanas

Finding a product to promote your brand brings a slew of new items to think about, and one of the most intriguing may be Custom Bandanas. Figuring out how to maximize your brand exposure, what kind of design to develop, and figuring out what kind of printing method will work best for your art can be daunting. To help you wade easily into the waters, here are two essential things you need to know about Custom Bandana Printing.


1.  Screen Printing vs. Dye-Sublimation

Bandana printing is divided into 2 major printing methods.

Screen Printing is a method of printing by forcing ink through a stencil which is chemically applied to a tight mesh screen. This method requires a screen for each individual color in your design. Screen Printing is great for designs that are relatively low in color count and cost conscious customers. Cotton bandanas work best for this printing method.




Dye-Sublimation (without getting too technical) is a method of printing where the design is printed directly onto a special paper which is then applied to the bandana and exposed to high heat in order to transfer the dye into the bandana fabric. This method is great for designs that have a lot of color and photo quality elements. The draw back with Dye-Sublimation is that it is not possible to sublimate onto cotton bandanas, this method only works on polyester bandanas.




2.  High Color Custom Bandanas Come with a Cost

When screen printing, you must be conscious of set up fees. For each individual color in your artwork, there is a screen made especially for that color. With each screen comes a $45 set up (Unless your order quantity is over 500 units.) Also, with each color in your design your price per piece goes up. Don’t worry, there is an alternative! If your design has a lot of colors or has photo-realistic elements to it, you might want to consider dye-sublimation printing.

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